Kristi is "a well-organized, strong communicator and most of all a visionary..."

As Chair of the Colorado GOP, I will build an effective state-wide collaboration network that works with our grassroots and advocacy organizations, our elected officials, and our candidates to win back our state.

I am a unifier and a collaborator. I know the only way we move forward is when we strategize together and do not divide ourselves.

I will transform the State Party into a service-oriented organization for our county parties and our candidates instead of a top-down, control group.

I will reform and revitalize our communications strategy, broaden the reach of our Party, and go directly to the voters.

We must expose the Democrats (and WE WILL!), but we must go a step further and paint a future-focused, forward-facing, positive vision for Colorado. It’s about Jobs, Kids, and the American Dream.

Grassroots and Party benefactors believe in my plan and are already committed to coming alongside me to build a vibrant State Party. We will implement business models and grow our small dollar donor program for longterm success.

I will work to recruit effective candidates across the state who represent their diverse districts. We must ensure that candidates have the resources and training necessary to win.

Endorsements for Kristi for Chair

Elected officials, candidates, grassroots organizers, and county officers are banding together to support Kristi Burton Brown as the one who can unify the Colorado GOP and lead us into the future. (Come back as more endorsements are added!)

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert

"Kristi Burton Brown has consistently demonstrated her conservative chops, dedication to our success as a party, and her commitment to uphold our core principles. It's my honor to wholeheartedly endorse Kristi to lead the Colorado Republican Party."

Kevin McCarney, Mesa County Chair

"I think it is far beyond time we break the mold of Party Leadership, embrace the young and fresh-thinking superstars our Party is beginning to produce. Kristi is one of those superstars! 

As Vice Chair of the Party, Kristi was a constant visitor to our county and region, walking parades and supporting our events and candidates. We saw more of her and Ken Buck than we have any other GOP Leadership Team I have seen. That support helped us elect another young Superstar, Lauren Boebert, to Congress. Kristi’s support was invaluable to Lauren’s cause.

Kristi has the plan and proven ability to help us harness those folks, and lead the GOP to a new successful coalition to win back Colorado. ... The next Leader of the GOP must be able to harness our wonderful new volunteers with the steady group of our faithful longtime supporters. Kristi is the person who can build those relationships and unify us into one Party looking forward to a bright future. The Colorado GOP's success is critical to the success of Colorado -- that's why I'm supporting Kristi as our next Chair." 


Sarah Cox, Women for Trump Chair, 2016-2020, Trump Victory Finance Committee, 2019-2020

"I support Kristi Burton Brown for Colorado GOP Chairwoman. She will lead the party into a new era of strength.

With her legal mind, she has a model for success for the party. ... As the head of the Colorado GOP, she will represent the Republican Party honorably..."



Rigoberto Mendez, Strategic Initiatives Director, Trump Victory Campaign 2020

"We might be able to mobilize groups of people but without UNITY there is no movement, and I believe Kristi has what it takes to unite people together to educate, activate, and empower others to amplify their voice and become the movement. …We need a leader who understands how to confront the culture war we are facing and be able to strategize not just a defensive attack but offensively counter with a new element and new possibilities. There is a need to strategize with clear, concise, and cohesive messaging to attract the young vibrant NEXT generation to carry on the legacy of this party. I have actively been involved in the community and have observed Kristi fight relentlessly in the frontlines… we need someone who knows how to fight for our jobs, veterans, minorities, small business owners, and preserve The American Dream. Kristi has been instrumental in connecting with the faith community, 2nd amendment coalition, cops coalition, women’s coalition, the nonprofit sector, while connecting cross-culturally, and represented the constituency at large. Please join the cause and elect Kristi Brown as the new Colorado Chair of the GOP!" 

Christine Yeargin, Grassroots Activist and Founder, Colorado for Life and Be Their Village

"Shortly after meeting Kristi, she handed me her card and wanted to hear any ideas I had for promoting conservative values across our state. I didn't think much of it because this is often what those in politics do. They make you feel important and tell you what sounds nice or what you want to hear. However, I can enthusiastically say Kristi doesn't fit that mold. She has kept in touch since we met and has always remained easily accessible to myself or any other Republicans in our state that I've sent her way for various reasons. Oftentimes we see politicians and those involved in politics concerned with accelerating their career opposed to staying in touch and working with the "little guy," which is neither beneficial to Coloradans or the GOP. We need every Colorado republican involved, from the neighborhood suburban mom to the CEO running billion dollar corporations. Kristi has already proven this to be of importance to her and for that reason I am endorsing her as our next state chair. I have no doubt Kristi is the common sense candidate and will be incredibly successful as the new Colorado GOP Chair. I look forward to watching Kristi bring new life into Colorado's GOP and witnessing unprecedented success for our state." 



Kay Heinschel, Montrose County Vice Chairman

"Kristi has been a great help to me as Second Vice Chair of the Montrose County GOP.
When it came time to train our new PCP's and District Captains in 2019, Kristi made the trip to Montrose. We trained not only Montrose, but included Mesa, Delta, Ouray and Cortez County Parties.

Following this training, the State Training Materials have been used as we continue to train additional new PCP's. During the Primary in 2020, with all the Covid issues and some personality problems, Kristi was a source of advice and encouragement as we worked through a difficult time. Please help me support Kristi as our new State Party Chair."

Denise Mund, Jefferson County Chair

"As County Chair, whenever I needed to know something and couldn't get an answer elsewhere, I'd text Kristi and have my answer within 10 minutes. She was always responsive and clear. Having her readily available made my job easier, and I don't believe I had better accessibility than any other county chair because I didn't know Kristi before she became Vice Chair." 



Joy Overbeck, Grassroots Activist & Co-Founder Get Er Done Right

"Kristi Burton the grassroots activist we need to energize our Party and take us to victory in 2024 and beyond. Kristi shows up and speaks out, testifying at our Denver Capitol and at rallies against radical sex ed and other terrible Democrat bills that steal parents and citizens' rights. She gathers petition signatures for important conservative ballot issues, and traveled around the state urging a yes vote on Prop CC to support TABOR in the 2020 election. As a young mom herself, Kristi knows how to communicate with families and especially young mothers alarmed by how rapidly the Democrats' socialist policies are taking our freedoms. She knows that reaching younger voters must be a major priority for our party. Kristi is working with GOP chairs in Jefferson and Boulder counties to get to the bottom of what happened in our state in the last election. We've seen that if citizens don't think their vote will count, they're much less likely to vote which would doom our Republic. Kristi Burton Brown is the dynamic, passionate grassroots leader who can mobilize our party to take on the destructive Democrats with a bold offense rather than the usual lame defense. Her campaign battle cry, 'Never Surrender' heralds a new attitude and a new day for the Colorado GOP!"

Conservative Women of Colorado

"Conservative Women of Colorado is a group of more than 5,000 women passionate about restoring Colorado's conservative values. As the Vice Chair for Colorado's Republican Party, Kristi has stayed engaged with these women, answered any questions they have and walked them through different ways to get involved in the Republican Party. When she says she wants to bring new life into the Republican movement, she means it and has walked alongside these women no matter how new they are to politics. The 2020 election didn't go our way, but it certainly awakened a sleeping giant for Republicans and conservative values across the country. After witnessing Kristi's commitment to Republicans in our state first-hand, I have no doubt she will use the restored passion for our like-minded values to the benefit of the Colorado GOP as its new Chairwoman." 

Tim Peterson, Park County Chair

"As Park County Republican Chair, I am endorsing Kristi Burton Brown for State Chair. During my tenure, I have been impressed by her enthusiasm and her desire to reach new groups for our Republican cause. She has been very successful even before her election as vice-chair in reaching the Latino community in Denver, and I believe she will be able to reach others as well. With her background in constitutional law, she has a good handle on the issues we face as the Democratic Party pushes their unconstitutional agenda. I believe Kristi is the person to take us forward, ignore the biased media and find other opportunities to get our message out, and bring new citizens into the Republican Party."

Ed Brady, Law Enforcement Professional (27 years) and LPR Graduate

"When I first met Kristi, I was immediately impressed. Articulate. Compassionate. Conservative values. Constitutionalist. Pro-Life.  She is the type of leader who can build relationships, unify the party, and help turn Colorado red again." 

Felix Lopez, Las Animas County Commissioner, President of Board of Colorado Counties Incorporated

"The position [GOP State Chair] requires a well-organized, strong communicator and most of all a visionary and a doer to restore Colorado back to its historical conservative roots.

You have displayed these leadership traits and characteristics! ... You are the person we need at the helm!"

Bobbie Daniel, Candidate for Mesa County Commissioner

"I am pleased to endorse Kristi Burton Brown for the Colorado GOP Chair. I have known Kristi for many years, and truly admire her commitment to our Nation’s founding principles, her outspoken voice, and her ability to lead. Kristi has a unique ability to post grassroots wins as well as steer the big ships to victory. I've personally been lifted up by her faith, strength and boldness. Kristi empowers others with new ideas, fresh insight into timeless principals, bringing a diversity of conservatives to the table. Kristi’s background as director/advisor on multiple endeavors will greatly benefit our party. I am thankful she put her hat in the ring to step up for Colorado and freedom!"

David Proctor, College Republican

"The past year I have had the privilege of being involved with and helping lead the conservative youth movement here at Colorado Mesa University and throughout other parts of the state.
I believe that it is time for the leadership of our party to become younger and better engaged with the youth vote. If elected, Kristi would be the first millennial chair of the party.

I know that Kristi will help take our state back by bringing about a new generation of Colorado Republicans that will include the Working Class, the Middle Class, the Minority Communities, Small Business Owners, and the Suburban Women. I hope that all my fellow Coloradans and voting members of the State Central Committee will join me in supporting Kristi for State Chair!"


Chris Richardson, Elbert County Commissioner, Colonel U.S. Army (retired)

"Without hesitation, I endorse Kristi Burton Brown’s bid to become the Colorado GOP Chair. She has proven to be a principled advocate, an untiring campaigner for proven conservative candidates, and she will bring experience, continuity, and a unique perspective to the position. 

She demonstrates energy and a spirit of teamwork that will strengthen the bonds between our counties and state party -- leading an organization that learns the appropriate lessons from past disappointments and just as importantly, builds on our many local successes." 

Alden Savoca, former Vice Chair, Mesa County

"Kristi Burton Brown represents what the Republican Party needs most – new, young, conservative, principled outsiders who will take Republican values and win elections for our ticket with them through articulate persuasion.  I have seen her effective leadership, and her selfless approach to achieving our common Republican goals; she shares with millions of patriotic Americans a love for God and her country that I know form the foundation for the direction she will take our State Party.  Kristi is bold and unafraid, and I enthusiastically stand by her in the fight I know she will make to win back our great state from those who are trying to destroy it.  She has my full endorsement in her bid to be our next State Party Chairman."

Debi Sporleder, former Huerfano County Chair

"When I first saw Kristi Burton Brown, I instantly loved her.  Her fire -- her enthusiasm!  And she didn't read a scripted speech!  She spoke from her heart.  She spoke from the fire that burns within her of love for our state and for our country. Since that first opportunity to hear her speak, I've had her speak twice at our county Lincoln Day Dinners. She created the same stir in the hearts of our local community -- the stir of passion, the stir of fight, the stir of patriotism. I stand with Kristi Burton Brown for Chairwoman of the State of Colorado. We need her strength and her resolve. We Need Kristi Burton Brown!"  

Jack Canterbury, Custer County Chair

"I have never personally met Kristi. However, after becoming Custer County Republican Central Committee Chair, I reached out to Kristi and asked if we could talk on the phone. She promptly responded and we set an appointment. She not only called at the appointed time she was a few minutes early. YES, SHE WILL COMMUMICATE EVEN WITH PEOPLE SHE HAS NEVER MET! After our conversation I did more research on Kristi and everything I found was consistent with what we had talked about. I completely agree with everything in Kristi's five promises. I never personally met Donald J. Trump but I knew he was the right man for the job. That is how I feel about Kristi Burton Brown! SHE IS THE RIGHT ONE FOR THE JOB."


Other Endorsements Include:

Theresa Watson, Boulder County Chairwoman
Emily Brake, Boulder County Bonus Member, creator of Election Integrity Team
Erik Stone, Teller County Commissioner, former Teller County GOP Chairman
Rick Castor, Fremont County GOP Chairman
Eric Grossman, Mineral County GOP Chairman, former Mayor of Creede
Allen Maez, Montezuma County GOP Chairman
Jacob McFadden, Morgan County Vice Chairman and Chairman of Morgan County Young Republicans
Saavy Wolfson, Routt County GOP Secretary
Dave Peters, La Plata County Chairman
Casey McClellan, Montezuma County GOP Vice Chairman
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